How to contact us - Payments

Our address for mail and payments is:

Via Tiepolo, 4
Scala B - Interno 6
00196 Roma - Italy

The show room address is:

Viale del Vignola, 90
00196 Roma - Italy

Usually we're not open 9 till 5, but if you want to visit us just drop us a line and we'll easily arrange a meeting.
Our telephone number is: +39 06 32609789

Our e-mail is:
You can send orders to the following mail:

You can also connect straight to my PayPal account by clicking this link.


Foreign customers, good news, we can now accept PAYPAL!! PayPal
Yes, Paypal has finally approved actual money withdrawl from Italy so we can accept this form of payment even for large orders! Just ask me and I'll tell you the address to use.

Visa Mastercard Amex Discover e-check

Also you can choose among the following ways of payment:

1) Cash sent by registered mail.
We accept any currency (please ask us for current exchange rates). While we can honestly declare that we have never had anything lost when sent by registered mail, we must also point out that this form of payment is at sender's own risk. But it is by far the very best for small amounts if you don't want to use Paypal. We usually charge no commissions for this payment, even if we have to exchange back the money at the bank. Maybe it is much easier for you to buy directly Euros at your local bank.

2) International postal order.
This is avaliable and very fast from Japan to Italy (and viceversa). It is also avaliable from some European countries (not all of them though). Please do not get confused with domestic postal orders (especially British ones) that we can't, of course, cash.

This can be easily drawn in Euro and sports no commissions.

4) Bank cheque.
You can send us a cheque issued by your bank. In this case we will have to pay some commissions, usually some $ 10-12/ UK £ 6-8. Sorry but this is what our bank actually charges us. Please note that we cannot accept any form of personal cheque. If the cheque is drawn in EURO the commissions are lower.

5) International bank swift.
You can send money directly from your bank account into our. Our bank has currently stopped asking us commissions for this, so I think there will be no extra charge.
6) Credit Cards. We don't accept Credit Cards direcly yet, but a credit card payment can be arranged through the website – Please note that Bidpay has discontinued operations!


1) Prioritaire mail.
This is avaliable all over the world. This service should deliver the goods everywhere within 40-96 hours. The mail is not registered anyway, so if it is, for any reasion, lost, you can't claim anything. The cost is rather cheap, the basic rate being just $ 8 – UK £ 5 for one LP sent off in Europe and $ 10 – UK 6 for one LP sent in USA or Japan. Maximum weight is 2 Kilos (but we can split the mailing if needed). Two Kilos cost $ 15 - UK £ 10 in Europe and $ 22 – UK $ 15 in USA or Japan.

2) Registered mail.
Mail sent this way is registered and therefore much safer. It travels by airmail anyway, but is is not as fast as prioritaire mail. The cost is the same of prioritaire mail with $ 3 – UK £ 2 extra for registration.

3) EMS service.
This is insured and guarantees delivery within 48 hours in Europe and within 5 days in USA or Japan (though, according to our experience, it could sometimes take a little longer). It is of course much more expensive but it could well be worth its cost if you're buying expensive stuff!
Finally, we use strong cardbord boxes, especially made for Lp's but we won't charge you anything for “packaging” as most dealers do!