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cover_picture Ugly Ducklings
Somewhere Outside
AMAZING Canadian raw freak garage sound! Original issue, white label promo!!
Price: 350
2020-04-28 19:05:14
Ready to ship again all over the world.
2020-03-24 13:40:41
Coronavirus emergency
2019-11-21 19:25:40
New items from Utrecht
cover_picture Nick Drake
Bryter Lather
UK original on Island, very clean cover and super clean disc!! Great Copy!! ex+/m-
Price: 430
cover_picture Patto
Hold Your Fire
UK original flaps cover swirl Vertigo. GREAT COPY!
Price: 850
cover_picture Kornelyans
Not An Ordinary Life
Fantastic 1974 Yugoslavian original on RTB of this great Yes/Camel oriented progrock LP. Sung in English! Hard to find in better conditions.
Price: 90
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Oops! Wrong Planet
Japan original with OBI and insert.

Price: 40€

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